Taking your group skiing this winter?

If you’re considering taking your church youth group on a winter ski retreat , now is a great time to start gathering up information. It’s never been so easy to compare rates to 15 ski resorts with just 1 call.

Winterplace, Snowshoe, Canaan Valley, Wisp, Massanutten, Wintergreen, Sugar, Beech, Wolf Ridge, Cataloochee, Perfect North, Keystone, Winter Park, Sunlight & more

Nexstep Travel has the experienced staff and resources to find the perfect options to meet every groups dates, drive time and budget. We take care of ALL the details ( Lodging, Lifts, Rentals, Tubing, Meeting space, Motor Coach, Meals, etc ) or can offer up just the parts that you need ( lifts/rentals). Contact Nexstep Travel today for a fast~free no hassle quote.

800.275.2095 www.nexsteptravel.com/ski-trips www.nextsteptravel.com www.skiraftzip.com info@nexsteptravel.com

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Winterplace, WV. Ski, Snowboard, Tube Group Friendly. Awesome Deals! Nexstep Travel

We get a lot of calls about taking a youth group to Winterplace, WV ~ and for good reason…. Winterplace offers a great variety of slopes as well as one of the best tubing hills in the Mid Atlantic. Plenty of space in the lodging, great parking as well as hundreds of lodging options to meet any groups budget (hotels, houses, slope-side condos) and a very easy ~ all interstate drive. It’s no wonder Winterplace is a top pick destination for your next winter ski retreat.

Contact Nexstep Travel today for a fast~free~no hassle quote. We’ll put together the perfect options based on your dates, drive time and budget!


800.275.2095 info@nexsteptravel.com

Winterplace Weekend packages starting at $114 per person 2 nights hotel, 1 day lift (8:30am to 10pm ), 1 day ski OR snowboard rental, 2 continental breakfast


A Travel Company for Youth Retreats. We take care of ALL the details! Nexstep Nextstep Travel Ski Raft Trips

Don’t worry, we’ve done this 6,124 times!

Over the past 20 years, our Nexstep Staff has logged some serious miles back and forth to area ski resorts, rafting outposts and other adventure locations. It’s no wonder why we’re proud of the relationships we’ve made with clients, vendors and everyone in between. When you work with Nexstep, you open the doors to endless opportunities to group retreat options along with expert advice, expert service & great rates! It’s never been so easy to plan your next group rafting, zip lining or skiing (snowboarding/tubing) trip.

One Call. One Less Task. One Happy Leader! Contact Nexstep Travel today and get a fast~free~no hassle quote . Compare group rates on hundreds of options. #easypeasy

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Best Ski Retreats for Youth Groups. Easy & Affordable packages Nexstep Travel

Looking for the best ski retreat options for your youth group? Look no further! Nexstep Travel offers awesome deals and packages to meet any youth groups drive time, dates, ideas and budget. Compare 15 resorts and hundreds of options with one call. Winterplace, Snowshoe, Canaan Valley, Wisp, Massanutten, Wintergreen, Wolf Ridge, Cataloochee, Beech Mountain, Perfect North, Keystone, Winter Park, Sunlight & more! WV, NC, VA, MD, IN & CO

Just give us a call 800.275.2095 , email info@nexsteptravel.com or online www.nexsteptravel.com/ski-trips. We’ll put together some great options to help get your kids on the slopes this coming winter.

Winter is just around the corner.. ONE CALL. ONE LESS TASK. ONE HAPPY LEADER! What are you waiting for?

Nexstep Travel Next Step Travel ski raft zip trips. www.skiraftzip.com www.nextsteptravel.com www.nexsteptravel.com #happyleader #happycompany

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Nextstep Next Step Nexstep NeXstep Travel Youth Ski trip Deals, savings, packages to WV, NC, MD, IN, VA & CO

We answer to a host of names.. Whether you call us Nexstep, Next Step, NeXStep, Nextstep Travel or “hey guys”, we’ll get back to you with the best group rates in the industry! With one call, you’ll have instant access and expert advice to hundreds of retreat options. Compare rates to 15 ski resorts for the best group adventure deals. We work with ski resorts in WV (Winterplace, Snowshoe, Canaan Valley), VA ( Massanutten, Wintergreen ), NC ( Beech Mountain, Wolf Ridge, Cataloochee ) MD ( Wisp ) IN ( Perfect North) and CO ( Keystone, Winter Park and Sunglight) Give us a call today and find out just how easy & affordable your next / nex group ski trip can be! Get a free no hassle quote today www.nexsteptravel.com/ski-trips 800.275.2095 info@nexsteptravel.com www.nextsteptravel.com www.skiraftzip.com

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Close and Affordable Group Ski Trips. Cataloochee, Beech Mountain, Wolf Ridge NC

Taking your youth group on a ski trip can be a mixed bag of emotions, especially if you have never led a trip like this before. Having a professional travel company with you every step of the way may seem out of reach or too expensive, but luckily ~ it’s not. Using Nexstep Travel gives you the confidence of knowing you’re getting the best advice, service and cost for your next winter retreat. It’s hard to believe that you can save money using a company like ours, but it’s 100% true! Through years of working in the group travel business, we have built up our relationships with our vendors ( ski resorts, lodging ,restaurants, etc etc ) to provide you with the best rates in the industry. We know just the right packages to meet your group’s ideas, dates, drive time and budget. It’s never been so easy & affordable to take your group skiing! When you’re ready to start looking at potential options, I hope you’ll give us an opportunity to put together a few sample packages for your review. We’re confident you’ll find using Nexstep Travel the best way to get your kids on the slopes! Call or visit our website today for a fast~ free~ no hassle quote. Save time and money!

800.275.2095 www.nexsteptravel.com/ski-trips info@nexsteptravel.com www.skiraftzip.com

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"Cheap" Group Ski Trips. Easy & Affordable retreat options to Winterplace, Wolf Ridge, Beech Mtn and more!

Although we really don’t like using the word “Cheap” to describe our ski retreat packages and service, sometimes people do use this term when looking for the most bang for their buck. We understand that being a good steward of your youth finances is important!

Simply put, Nexstep Travel offers the best group rates and service in the industry. We offer more options to make sure our customers are getting the best discounts available. Contact one of our Adventure Specialist today for expert advice and sample options to meet your groups dates, drive time and budget.


www.neXsteptravel.com/ski-trips info@neXsteptravel.com





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Easiest way to book your youth group ski trip. Affordable packages. Group Sales, discounts on lift tickets, rentals, lodging Nexstep Travel

Q: What’s the easiest way to book your group’s winter ski retreat?

A: Call Nexstep Travel

From the moment you contact us, you'll have instant access to the latest information and best rates available to hundreds of winter and summer retreat options. Our experienced staff will walk you through the process and take care of all the details along the way. From complete turnkey packages ( lift tickets | rentals | lodging | meals | tubing | meeting space | Transportation ) to the smallest of details, we have all the resources needed to put together a successful trip for you! Our quotes are free and so is our service. “We build relationships, one group at a time.” #happyleader

Get a Quote Today! www.nexsteptravel.com/ski-trips 800.275.2095 info@nexsteptravel.com www.skiraftzip.com www.nextsteptravel.com

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Compare Rates to Winterplace, Snowshoe, Beech Mountain, Sugar, Cataloochee, Wolf Ridge Nexstep Travel

It’s never been so easy to compare group rates to 14 ski resorts with 1 call…. Contact Nexstep Travel today for expert advice & the best deals for your lodging, lift tickets, tubing tickets, ski/snowboard rentals, meals, meeting space, transportation needs.

Winterplace, WV Snowshoe, WV Canaan Valley, WV Sugar Mountain, NC Beech Mountain, NC Wolf Ridge, NC Cataloochee, NC Massanutten, VA Wintergreen, VA Wisp, MD Perfect North, IN Keystone, CO Winter Park, CO & Sunlight, CO

Get a free quote today ! www.nexsteptravel.com/ski-trips 800-275-2095 info@nexsteptravel.com www.skiraftzip.com Next Step Travel.com


Youth Group Ski Trip to West Virginia. Compare rates and save. Group Discounts on Lifts/Rentals/Lodging & more!

Nexstep Travel offers group rates & expert advice to all 3 ski resorts in West Virginia. Winterplace, Snowshoe & Canaan Valley.

Complete “turn key” packages include Lodging, Lift tickets, Ski & Snowboard rentals, lessons, tubing, meals, meeting space, transportation, driver rooms & more.. OR , if you’re just looking for lifts/rentals, we do that too!

Contact Nextstep Travel today for a fast~free~no hassle quote.. online www.nexsteptravel.com/ski-trips or call us at 800.275.2095.

It’s never been so easy & affordable to book your next youth ski retreat to West Virginia!

( PS.. we also work with ski resorts in NC, VA, MD, IN & CO )

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Youth Group Ski Trip 2020. Group Rates ~ Discounts on lodging, lift tickets, tubing, rentals.. Best Price!

Now is a great time to start looking into booking your 2019~2020 youth group ski retreat. Did you know that we work with 15 adventure resorts including Winterplace, Snowshoe, Beech Mountain and Wolf Ridge? We have weekend group ski packages that start at $104 per person! Contact us today and let us show you just how easy and affordable booking your next group adventure can be! 800.275.2095 www.skiraftzip.com www.nextsteptravel.com www.nexsteptravel.com 800.275.2095

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Group Ski Trips / Youth Ski Retreat Discounted Packages

For a personalized group ski quote to any of these resorts, simply fill out the quote form below! Customized Group Ski/Snowboard Packages starting at $104* per person. *Rate based on 2-nights lodging, quad occupancy, 1-day lift tickets and rentals, 2 breakfast Friday-Sun weekend package.


Nexstep Travel the 1st step in group adventures

Winterplace, WV Snowshoe, WV Canaan Valley, WV Beech Mtn, NC Wolf Ridge, NC Cataloochee, NC Massanutten, VA Wintergreen, VA Wisp, MD Perfect North, IN Winter Park, CO Keystone, CO Sunlight, CO

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Nexstep Travel Welcomes new Customers from CTI Group Adventures. Youth Group Ski Retreats. Winterplace, Snowshoe, Wolf Ridge and more!

After learning that CTI Group Adventures is no longer in business,  we thought we'd reach out to everyone who once used Carolina Tours and offer our services for your next group adventure.     3 of our Nexstep Travel staff once worked at CTI,  so there is a good chance you already know one of our Adventure Specialist.      

 Rudy Colombo ( CTI 1999-2012 & 2014-15 )   Tim Wilson ( CTI 2006-2015 )   Wes Smith ( 2012-2015 )      

  Please don't hesitate to let us know if we can be of any assistance with your group planning.  Happy to Help!     We work with 20 Adventure Resorts in WV, NC, VA, TN, MD, IN and CO.  Winterplace, Snowshoe, Canaan Valley, Timberline, Ace Adventures,  Massanutten, Wintergreen, French Broad River Adventures, USA Raft, Wolf Ridge, Cataloochee, Beech Mountain,  Wildwater Ltd,  Asheville Adventure Center, Keystone, Wisp, Winter Park, Universal Studios,  Perfect North and more!!    ONE CALL. ONE LESS TASK. ONE HAPPY LEADER!    800.275.2095   www.skiraftzip.com        ski raft zip trips. www.nexsteptravel.com www.nextsteptravel.com

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Call us anything you like.... Nexstep Nextstep Nex step Next Step NST .. we'll still offer the best service in the group travel business!

Yes it’s true.. Our name is Nexstep but something it’s just hard to leave out the “T”. That’s all find and dandy, since we’ll answer to just about anything! Nexstep Travel, Next Step Travel, Nextstep Travel, Ski Raft Zip Company, NST.

Go ahead, give us a shout out! www.nexsteptravel.com www.nextsteptravel.com www.skiraftzip.com 800.275.2095 No matter how you spell it, we’re still the 1st step in Group Adventures.

Winterplace, WV Ski Resort. Group Rates on lifts, rentals, tubing, lodging. Get a Quote Today NeXstep Travel

Looking to take your group to Winterplace WV this coming winter? Look no further! Nexstep offers groups rates for lift tickets, ski & snowboard rentals, lessons, tubing, lodging, meals and more! With one all, you’ll have instant access to hundreds of retreat options to meet your groups dates, drive time and budget. We can also offer retreat packages to 14 other ski resorts, just so you can compare rates. Contact Nexstep Travel today for a fast~free~no hassle quote! www.skiraftzip.com 800.275.2095 info@nexsteptravel.com.

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Ski Season is just around the corner. Time to book your 2019-2020 winter retreat! Winterplace, Snowshoe, Beech, Cataloochee & more!

With Ski Season just 6 months away, now is a great time to start looking at sample package options for your 2019-2020 youth group ski retreat. It’s never been SO easy and AFFORDABLE!

Nexstep Travels offers group rates and hundreds of options to 14 ski resorts in the US. We take care of ALL the details ( lodging, lift tickets, rentals, meeting space, tubing, meals, transportation and more! ) while offering expert advice and outstanding service. Working with over 300 youth groups each year, we know just what it takes to make sure your next retreat is your best retreat. Contact us today for a fast ~ free ~ no hassle quote. Compare rates to Winterplace, Snowshoe, Canaan Valley, Timberline, Massanutten, Wintergreen, Beech Mountain, Cataloochee, Wolf Ridge, Wisp, Keystone, Winter Park, Sunlight, Paoli Peaks & Perfect North WV, NC, IN, VA, MD & CO. Get a quote today and save! 800.275.2095 info@nexsteptravel.com www.skiraftzip.com

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Easy and Affordable Group Retreat options.. Ski Trips, Rafting, Zip Lining, Mission Trips. Nexstep Travel

It’s never been so easy to plan your next youth group retreat with Nexstep Travel. We take care of ALL the details!! Just give us your potential dates and ideas and well take care of the rest. We offer hundreds of trip options to meet any groups dates, drive time and budget. Ski Trips made easy ( we take care of the lifts/rentals, lodging, meals, meeting space, transportation and more ) Whatever you’re looking for. Rafting / Zip Lining / Summer Camps? Yes, we take care of that too! If you have a youth group, then why not have a company that works for you. Nexstep works with over 300 youth groups each year, providing the best rates & service in the industry. WV, NC, VA, GA, TN, MD, IN and CO. Hundreds of easy & affordable options for one call! Nexstep Travel.

A travel service for youth ministry. 800.275.2095 www.skiraftzip.com info@nexsteptravel.com


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Work Smarter.. Not Harder... How to book your next youth group retreat.. Ski Trips, Rafting Retreats.. Nexstep Travel

Stop working too hard planning your groups Ski / Raft Trip…. Using Nexstep Travel makes it SO EASY! We take care of all the details. Lift tickets, lodging, meals, meeting space, transportation, rentals, rafting & more! Offering Group rates and discounts.. Compare rates. #easypeasy Call today for a fast~free quote. Hundreds of options / more choices.

NEXSTEP TRAVEL 800.275.2095 info@nexsteptravel.com www.skiraftzip.com

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Group Rafting Trip on the Ocoee River! Get a quote today! Nexstep Travel


Tennessee’s Ocoee River is one of America’s most popular white water rivers for a reason. Thrill to the experience of consistent big class III and IV rapids, powered by warm water and reliable dam-released flows. We run fully-guided trips on both the Middle and Upper sections of the Ocoee river. An easy drive from Atlanta, Chattanooga or Knoxville, the Ocoee River is a day of whitewater rafting fun for your whole family or group!  Ocoee River Rafting trip prices start at $34.95.


We run two trips on the Ocoee, the celebrated Middle section, and the Upper. Both are half-day trips, with about two hours of river time. The Middle Ocoee is our most popular trip with 20 exhilarating class III and IV rapids in a five-mile stretch. The Upper Ocoee is available weekends mid-May through mid- September and features the challenging big water of the famed 1996 Olympic white water course. You can also combine both trips for a full day of thrilling Ocoee white water action.


Our Rafting Center features clean, spacious changing rooms with hot showers and blow dryers that are available before and after your white water rafting trip. All transportation to and from the river is included, as is all basic rafting equipment: paddle, PFD, helmet and paddling jacket if needed. Make a full day out of your Ocoee experience by by combining Upper and Middle white water trips on summer weekends or by adding an Ocoee Basin Zipline Canopy Tour any day to your river trip!

Contact Nexstep Travel for a quote on the Ocoee River.. 800.275.2095 ~ info@nexsteptravel.com ~ www.skiraftzip.com

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How to book your ski trip.. Why booking early is better.. Youth Group Ski Retreat. Nexstep Travel

We know you have questions about How to book your group ski trip, and our answer is always the same…. Just give us a call!

It’s never been so easy and affordable using Nexstep Travel. We offer hundreds of options at the best rates in the industry while taking care of the details every step of the way! With one call/email/web site visit, you’ll have instant access to turn key retreat options to Winterplace, Snowshoe, Canaan Valley, Wisp, Massanunten, Wintergreen, Beech Mtn, Wolf Ridge, Cataloochee and more! ( how easy is that?!)

Book Groups Book Early! If you have a large group ( 40 + ), it’s always best to book as early as possible.. With just your dates, our adventure specialist ( 40 + years combine experience ) can walk you through the many options ( slope side, house, condo, cabin, hotel ) based on your drive time and budget.

If you’re thinking about taking your youth groups / boy scouts / church group skiing , it’s never been so easy! Contact us today for a fast ~ free ~ no hassle quote.

NEXSTEP TRAVEL The first step in group adventures! www.skiraftzip.com 800.275.2095

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